89th Haru Koushien – Day 8, Game 2 – Waseda Jitsugyou (Tokyo) v Toukaidai Fukuoka (Fukuoka)

89th Haru Koushien – Day 8, Game 2 – Waseda Jitsugyou (Tokyo) v Toukaidai Fukuoka (Fukuoka)

(picture courtesy of k-bass.com)

That’s right. He knows you’re watching him.

Waseda Jitsugyou survived their opening game against Meitoku Gijyuku, though if Meitoku Gijyuku has a competent kantoku, they would have pulled away for the win instead of continuously frittering it away. Eventually Waseda just said, “Ok, I guess we’ll take it if you don’t want it”, and here we are.

On an unrelated note, I have 3 kantokus who at this point should not be managing (though Kajisha-kantoku today made a move when he should have, even if Kawabata was ineffective)

Now, people know I don’t like Waseda because powerhouse (and remember that its the school not the people). Though in this case if the media wouldn’t just fill the pages with Kiyomiya I would probably mind less.

I get it, he’s been a great player since Little League when he made people here stand at attention. But the coverage feels worse than what it was for Saitou Yuuki when he moved on to Waseda Daigaku. I’m just ready for him to move on.

The problem is that Meitoku Gijyuku was the best chance at defeating Waseda because they had the offense to do it. But Waseda’s opponent today, Toukaidai Fukuoka, does not have that. Instead their strength is pitching which is good, but you can’t win if you don’t score runs. And they scored both of their runs via errors – and you can’t depend on that.

Maybe Toukaidai Fukuoka can hang in there for a little bit, but I think eventually Waseda Jitsugyou will just run away with it.

Waseda Jitsugyou

  • CF Fukumoto Shou
  • RF (#16) Yokoyama Yuuto
  • 1B Kiyomiya Koutarou
  • 3B Nomura Daijyuu
  • LF Konishi Yuuki
  • C Yukiyama Kenta
  • 2B Kitsunai Jyunji
  • P Hattori Masaki
  • SS Noda Yuuto

Toukaidai Fukuoka

  • CF Ariyasu Seima
  • 2B Kiyomizu Yuudai
  • C Kitagawa Hozumi
  • LF Endou Shuuto
  • 3B Hoshino Kouki
  • 1B Takamura Issei
  • RF (#17) Nakayama Seiya
  • SS Hashimoto Naoki
  • P Yasuda Daisuke

11:39 – First Pitch!

Can’t tell early if Yasuda is attacking the hitters or the batters are attacking his pitches. Either way, for the 1st inning, two quick outs leaving the bases empty for Kiyomiya whom Yasuda pitches inside and high and he weakly pops out to 3rd.

As for Toukaidai Fukuoka, they’re immediately taking the wrong tack against Hattori, whom the stat box shows he had 5 walks and 0 strikeouts. Instead of letting him struggle, they are swinging away. And even when they are gifted a base runner when Kiyomizu gets hits. First pitch is a 4-6-3 double play. The biggest problem is Waseda is more than willing to play this aggressive, sped up game simply because they have better hitters than you and they can ride out innings of scoreless ball.

Toukaidai Fukuoka gets a leadoff runner in the 2nd when Endou singles back up the middle. But then there’s a bunt, a groundout to short and a groundout to short and next thing you know it’s 3 outs, change.

Top 3 and Waseda gets on the board first. Kitsunai with a double down the RF line. Bunted over to 3rd, and had to hold when Noda grounded to short.

But on a grounder from Fukumoto, Kiyomizu had time and yet threw it high and into the camera well. Mistake made, Waseda Jitsugyou up 1-0.

Bottom 3rd, Yasuda tries to help his own cause, doubling the other way down the left field line. He’s able to take 3rd on a wild pitch and Ariyasu earns a walk. He steals second without a throw, but Kiyomizu can’t make up for his error as he goes down swinging.

Kitagawa now walks, and not there’s a small stint of patience from the Toukaidai Fukuoka lineup.

Spoke too soon. Endou swings on the first pitch and flies to right. Yokoyama going back towards the wall, leaps, but it just falls over his head. Has to play the high hop off the wall and all 3 runners score as Toukaidai Fukuoka strikes back to lead 3-1!

In the 4th Toukaidai Fukuoka adds another run. After a 1-out single by Nakayama and a wild pitch sending him to 2nd, Hattori is replaced by #11 Ikeda, despite striking out Hashimoto.

On the first pitch, Yasuda drives it to center. Fukumoto freezes and then scrambles back, but is too late. It goes over his head for a triple and a 4-1 lead for Toukaidai Fukuoka.

5th inning, this strategy of theirs continues as Ikeda struggles on the mound. Oozumi first pitch single to lead off the inning. A walk and sac bunt puts runners in scoring position. Yet on a checks swing ball in fair play, Oozumi comes home for some known reason and is thrown out. Another walk puts it at manrui again, but Ikeda just needs 1 out. And he gets it when Yasuda grounds out to short.

We’re at the break and I’m surprised how Toukaidai Fukuoka has been able to hit the Waseda pitching in recent innings. At the same time, they could have followed the patience card to a couple more walks and possibly a run. They may be up, but as Meitoku Gijyuku has showed, no lead is safe.

Top 6th, one down for Kiyomiya. He hits a sky high ball into right center. Ariyasu and new RF Maehara converge near the wall. Suddenly Ariyasu motions to Maehara and the next thing you know the ball falls in between them. Meanwhile Kiyomiya is in with a triple as the outfield forgets how to call for a ball.

But a grounder to short freezes Kiyomiya for the 2nd out, and then a grounder to 2nd ended the inning.

The next thing you know, everything for Waseda just goes to heck. I just kinda watch as it all crumbles down:

  • Hashimoto – Single to right
  • Yasuda – Sac bunt
  • Ariyasu – Line single to left
  • Oozumi – Single through the left side, 5-1.
  • #13 Akamine relieves Ikeda
  • Kitagawa – Ariyasu steals 2nd, base hit to center, 6-1.
  • Endou – Double to left center, 8-1.
  • Hoshino – Single to left, 9-1.

Well, this game is somehow over.

Or not.

One down, Kitsunai draws a walk. Then with #10 Nakagawa hitting for RP Akamine, he grounds to 3rd, except Hoshino throws it wide of 1st and everyone’s safe.

And then Noda with a blooper that Oozumi is late to get back in and suddenly it’s manrui. Well, a good base hit here and the next thing you know Kiyomiya will be up and things could be interesting.

Instead Fukumoto just gets a sac fly and Yokoyama grounds out. 9-2, but I don’t think I need to tell you they needed just a little more than that.

Maybe they heard me.

  • Kiyomiya – Double down RF line
  • Nomura – Single through left side, 9-3.
  • Konishi – Single to right, 9-4.
  • Yukiyama – Grounder to 2nd, toss to 2nd, SS whiffs on ball (E6)
  • Kitsunai – 1-4-3 double play

Wait. Why did Kiyomizu take that instead of Hashimoto? Is it because of the error?

  • Ishii – High chopper to right side, Kiyomizu charges, but can’t field ball. Base hit, 9-5.
  • Noda – Single to center
  • Fukumoto – Grounder to 2nd, Kiyomizu takes it himself to 2nd instead of flipping to short, is late, all safe.

What? SS Hashimoto makes one error and now you’re not going to go to him at all? Maybe he was late in covering the bag. Might have looked like it. But boy that looks bad.

PH #9 Nishida up with Kiyomiya on deck. If somehow it gets back to Kiyomiya all bets are off. Toukaidai Fukuoka might as well resign itself to being behind.

Instead, somehow, Yasuda strikes him out. Side retired with Kiyomiya on deck and the lead in tact.

For now.

Never mind.

Kitagawa, single back up the middle. Endou actually walks.

Hoshino bunts, Ishii goes to 1st, throws it to the fence instead. Hoshino to 3rd, both runners score and it’s 11-5.

Does anyone want to win?

Well, the absurdity goes until the end. Kiyomiya already retired, Nomura with a ball to 3rd, except it goes off his face and into left. That’s gotta hurt, and boy this really is just a wacky game.

Konishi grounds into a fielder’s choice.2 out and this game is just about over.

Or not.


  • Yukiyama – Single to right
  • Kitsunai – Single through right side
  • PH #14 Fukushima – Double to CF wall, bases cleared. 11-8.

At this point, it’s 3 batters to Kiyomiya and heaven knows at this rate we might get there.

Noda grounds to 1st, Sada takes it himself and this thing called a game is over.

If you include the 2 games yesterday, it’s 3 games now of silliness (the first one wasn’t really, but given how things have gone since then it gets lumped in.

Anyways it’s over, Toukaidai Fukuoka somehow (a) massacred the Waseda pitching staff while (b) Yasuda and friends were having their own issues.

It’s done. Toukaidai Fukuoka moves on, Waseda Jitsugyou will have open tryouts for a competent pitcher.


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