Day 1, Game 3 – Seiryou (Ishikawa) v Riseisha (Osaka)

Day 1, Game 3 – Seiryou (Ishikawa) v Riseisha (Osaka)

K(photo courtesy of Sponichi)

They may be smiling here, but rest assured Riseisha is not happy they drew Seiryou. Facing what probably is the outright favorite on Day 1 is like waking up with a kink in your back. It’s just unpleasant.

But now if Riseisha wants to prove their worth, they’ll need to take down Okugawa.

Seiryou (Ishikawa)

  • CF Shouji Kousuke
  • LF Arimatsu Kazuki
  • 3B Chida Souta
  • SS Uchiyama Souma
  • C Yamasa Shinnosuke
  • P Okugawa Yasunobu
  • 1B Fukumoto Haruki
  • RF Okada Hibiki
  • 2B Yamamoto Iori

Riseisha (Osaka)

  • CF Momotani Ibuki
  • 2B Ikeda Ryuu
  • 3B Kobukada Daichi
  • RF Inoue Koudai
  • 1B Uchikura (Issa) (#13)
  • LF Nishikawa Rei (#3)
  • C Noguchi Kaito
  • SS Nogami Seiki
  • P Shimizu Taisei

15:17 – First Pitch!

Not that impressed by Shimizu’s pitching, and Seiryou isn’t either. In all, 3 base hits and a walk, though it only nets 1 run in the end thanks in part to a laser throw by Inoue to gun Ikeda down at 3rd.

Okugawa’s pitching isn’t sharp to start either, but against Riseisha’s offense, seems to still be enough, with 4 Ks through 3 innings. But if Riseisha can play the waiting game longer, they may get pitches to hit.

(Will recap further once I rewatch the event)


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