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99th Natsu Koushien – Day 7, Game 4 – Tsuda Gakuen (Mie) v Saibi (Ehime)

99th Natsu Koushien – Day 7, Game 4 – Tsuda Gakuen (Mie) v Saibi (Ehime)

(photo courtesy of Mainichi)


Tsuda Gakuen

Road to the title

  • def Fujieda Meisei 7x-6 (11 inn)

Tsuda Gakuen blew 2 leads in the middle innings, and finally prevailed when Fujieda Meisei’s pitcher threw his 172nd pitch. Surely they can’t expect to do that again, and to boot their ace Mizutani was in trouble for the 5 innings he pitched.

The offense had some outbursts in the middle innings, but otherwise their offense was barely scratching itself along.


Road to the title

  • def Touchiku 10-4

I completely did not expect Touchiku to be blown out the way they did. Having defeated many of the main players in Fukuoka I though they would have a better go of it. But Ishida was off right from the get go and even a rain delay wouldn’t get him right.

The questions for Saibi are, can Yatsudzuka be effective, or is Kageyama going to become the ace of the staff? And can the offense get to a better pitcher, because they can’t expect to face another struggling pitcher.

We have a battle of two struggling pitching staffs, which could end up in a slugfest. Not sure who to favor in this matchup.


Tsuda Gakuen

  • CF Kikuchi
  • 2B Miyagi
  • 3B Nakabayashi
  • 1B Ueshita
  • LF Fujii
  • C Kubota
  • P Mizutani
  • SS Nakajima
  • RF Mamichi


  • CF Watanabe
  • 1B Utsunomiya
  • 3B Kameoka
  • P Yatsudzuka
  • LF Yoshioka
  • RF Shiraishi
  • C Hashimoto
  • SS Yano
  • 2B Itou (#14)

16:00 – First Pitch!

Early on it’s Itou who struggles with control. He gives up 2 walks, and then a wild pitch – all with one out. Ueshita’s groundout gives Saibi the 1-0 lead.

Meanwhile Yatsudzuka isn’t even sweating on the mound for the most part. Tsuda Gakuen is trying to attack his pitches, with little success.

In the 3rd though comes their best chance so far. It’s the bottom of the lineup who is patient as Mizutani gets an infield single after working the count full. 2 batters later, Mamichi earns a walk.

But top of the lineup and they swing away. Kikuchi goes down on 3 straight and Miyagi grounds out after the count reached 2 strikes.


Saibi isn’t going to wait for Tsuda Gakuen. Kameoka way ahead of the pitch, but keeps the bat head back and drives it out to center for a solo HR and a 2-0 Saibi lead.

In the 7th it just goes horribly wrong. With 2 outs (no less), Mizutani gives up a walk and a single to the bottom 2 batters.

Up come Watanabe, who made a great leaping catch at the wall last half-inning. He hits a ball to the gap in right center for an RBI double. Ustunomiya follows that up with a double to left center to make it 5-0.

Right about that time I wrote that things had gone awry, as can be the case when a team is trying to hold on.

But then…


Kameoka swings at a pitch up and in, a pitch he had no business in hitting.

And drive it to the cameras in dead center for a 2-run HR. He’s joining the growing list of players with 2 HRs… in one game. 7-0, and Mizutani looks dazed as #18 Wakabayashi comes out to relieve him. Doesn’t want to give up the ball, then tries to understand that he’s being sent out to left instead of being called in. The look on his face is one who has been beaten and doesn’t know where they are anymore. You have to feel for him at this point.

Tsuda Gakuen salvages the shutout at the end, but fall 7-1. They couldn’t find a way to get to Yatsudzume all game, and in the time in which they had scoring chances, he shut the door on them.

And you had to feel for Mizutani who probably thought it too much to handle, especially when he gave up the 2nd HR to Kameoka. His summer is over for good, but hopefully he’ll still find joy in baseball. After that look on his face, that is my hope for him.

99th Natsu Koushien – Day 1, Game 3 – Fujieda Meisei (Shizuoka) v Tsuda Gakuen (Mie)

99th Natsu Koushien – Day 1, Game 3 – Fujieda Meisei (Shizuoka) v Tsuda Gakuen (Mie)

(photo courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun)

Last game of the day features two teams reaching Natsu Koushien for the first time and as such will be looking for their first win.

Fujieda Meisei (1st appearance)

  • Location – Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka
  • Private school
  • Student Body – 945 students (253 female)
  • Club Size – 67
  • Kantoku – Mitsuoka Kouji(?) (光岡 孝)

Road to Koushien

  • def Shimizu Nishi 4-1
  • def Kosai 3-2
  • def Shizuoka Gakuen 9-1 (7 inn)
  • def Katou Gakuen 4-1
  • def Shizuoka 14-6
  • def Nichidai Mishima 23-10

Fujieda Meisei survived a bloodbath versus Shizuoka in the semifinals and then had no letdown defeating Nichidai Mishima. The biggest problem you have with Fujieda Meisei is that the pitching suffered in the final two games. And while you can throw out the final 3 innings of the final since that it was in a downpour ace Kubota still gave up 6 runs and 13 hits in the semifinal. Which means against the upper tier teams he could easily struggle. Fortunately for him, that’s not their first round opponent.

The offense really came alive in the final 2 games (even before the rain delay in the final), so it’s possible it will continue to translate here even adjusting for competition.

No Pos 選手 Name Yr B/T Ht Wt
1 P 久保田 蒼布 Kubota Sou 3 R/R 176 68
2 C 服部  恵汰 Hattori Keita 3 R/L 168 73
3 1B 清水  一真 Shimizu Kazuma 3 R/L 168 68
4 2B 松村  太智 Matsumura Taichi 3 R/R 173 70
5 3B 一戸  輝彦 Ichinohe Teruhiko 3 R/R 171 78
6 SS 西村  竜馬 Nishimura Ryouma 2 R/L 175 66
7 LF 河合  郁拓 Kawai Fumihiro 3 R/L 167 67
8 CF 常盤  勇汰 Tokiwa Yuuta 3 R/L 173 73
9 RF 中田  悠斗 Nakata Yuuto 3 R/L 180 78
10 BN 小野  弘人 Ono Hiroto 2 R/R 181 78
11 BN 遠藤  大支 Endou Taishi 3 R/R 175 67
12 BN 鈴木  大翔 Suzuki Hiroto 2 R/R 171 62
13 BN 秋山  玲津己 Akiyama Ritsuki 2 R/R 187 82
14 BN 大滝  敬 Ootaki Kei 2 R/L 176 65
15 BN 高田  竜希 Takada Ryuuki 2 R/R 170 77
16 BN 堂前  塁 Doumai Rui 3 R/L 168 70
17 BN 落合  瞳伊 Ochiai Toui 2 R/L 173 63
18 BN 浦野  光市 Urano Kouichi 2 L/L 175 78

Tsuda Gakuen (1st appearance)

  • Location – Kuwana-shi, Mie
  • Private school
  • Student Body – 750 students (330 female)
  • Club Size – 68
  • Kantoku – Sagawa Tatsuo (佐川 竜朗)

Road to Koushien

  • def Hisai 6-1
  • def Kuwana Nishi 11-0 (5 inn)
  • def Kinan 7-0 (7 inn)
  • def Yokkaichi Minami 10-1 (7 inn)
  • def Komono 10-3 (7 inn)
  • def Mie 4-3

Tsuda Gakuen also exorcised some demons by defeating both Komono and Mie in the final two rounds. The latter game especially since Mie continued to have chances throughout the game yet they still held on for the title. The pitching was about average, and the offense appears even from top to bottom, though again at best average.

No Pos 選手 Name Yr B/T Ht Wt
1 P 水谷  翼 Mizutani Tsubasa 3 R/R 182 88
2 C 久保田 拓真 Kubota Takuma 3 R/R 183 78
3 1B/OF 上下  大地 Ueshita Daichi 2 R/R 184 88
4 2B 宮木  滉生 Miyagi Kousei 2 R/R 170 66
5 3B/1B 仲林  泰生 Nakabayashi Taisei 2 R/R 170 80
6 SS 中島  貴良 Nakajima Takara 2 R/R 166 64
7 LF 藤井  久大 Fujii Hisahiro 1 L/L 167 64
8 CF 菊池  翔矢 Kikuchi Shouya 3 R/L 174 67
9 RF 間道  永吉 Mamichi Eikichi 3 R/R 178 78
10 BN 廣井  秀哉 Hiroi Shuuya 3 R/R 168 71
11 BN 河村  信吾 Kawamura Shingo 2 L/L 174 69
12 BN 内田  蓮 Uchida Ren 3 R/R 169 74
13 BN 石川  竜也 Ishikawa Tatsuya 3 R/R 175 80
14 BN 前川  夏輝 Maekawa Natsuki 1 R/R 178 74
15 BN 石川  史門 Ishikawa Shimon 1 R/L 186 75
16 IF 稲垣  宏汰 Inagaki Kouta 2 R/R 166 66
17 OF 中村  太一 Nakamura Taichi 3 R/R 168 78
18 P 若林  潤 Wakabayashi Jyun 3 L/L 166 65

With both teams looking to record their first win in their first ever Natsu Koushien game, there may be pressure on both sides. There doesn’t appear to be an advantage on the mound for one team or the other, as both pitchers neither strike out batters nor avoid free passes. Both teams had landmark wins against a top team in the prefecture and had similar results in their victories.

To that extent it’s probably a tossup with perhaps the edge going to Fujieda Meisei due to the offensive output showed late as opposed to Tsuda Gakuen.


Fujieda Meisei

  • CF Tokiwa
  • 2B Matsumura
  • 1B Shimizu
  • RF Nakata
  • C Hattori
  • LF Kawai
  • 3B Ichinohe
  • P Kubota
  • SS Nishimura

Tsuda Gakuen

  • CF Kikuchi
  • 2B Miyagi
  • 3B Nakabayashi
  • 1B Ueshita
  • RF Fujii (#7)
  • C Kubota
  • P Mizutani
  • LF Ishikawa Shimon (#15)
  • SS Nakajima

17:00 – First Pitch!

1st Inning

Mizutani reportedly has a curve, slider, fork and changeup in his arsenal. He would have had 3 routine groundouts, but Nakajima whiffs on the 3rd one and the inning continues.

Mizutani’s velocity nothing to write home about, average for most pitchers here. Location on the fastball is good, but the off-speed a tad spotty. Nakata continues the inning hitting a high changeup through the left side. Runners at the corners, but Mizutani should be out of the inning.

Oh and now a double steal goes awry when Kubota’s throw goes awry. Shimizu scores to make it 1-0 Fujieda Meisei on the mistake.

Miyagi looks to get Tsuda Gakuen level hits a 1-out seeing-eye single through the left side. But he’s quickly erased when Nakabayashi hits into a 6-4-3 double play.

2nd Inning

Mizutani had an unfortunate first inning, but he’s showing good control of his pitches and gets a 1-2-3 inning in the 2nd. Looks like he might be able to hold serve and allow his team time to get back the run.

Problem is Kubota is just as effective, and while he does leave a fastball over the plate for his named counterpart to hit a double, he strikes out the side otherwise. Could be in for a nice pitching matchup.

3rd Inning

I say that and then Mizutani gets into a spot after Tokiwa bloops one to right and following a sac bunt he hits Shimizu.

But a K of Nakata followed by a great stop from Ueshita bails him out.

Tsuda Gakuen gets a couple of favorable bounces. Nakajima rips a shot so hard to Nishimura he can’t field the ball. Then Kikuchi hits a chopper back to Kubota who deflects it away from a backing up Matsumura.

However, Kubota gets out of his own jam much in the same manner as Mizutani – with a strikeout and a groundout. Runs certainly will come at a premium here.

4th Inning

Tsuda Gakuen applying pressure again in 4th. Fujii and Kubota both attack the first pitch from Kubota and deliver singles. Mizutani goes to bunt, but instead pulls it back and hacks it through the drawn in infield for a base hit! Manrui!

Ishikawa with a chance to tie the game grounds to short. Nishimura to Matsumura for 1, Mizutani tries to break it up, and delays the throw just enough for Ishikawa to reach! 1-1!

Nakajima draws a walk to load the bases as the lineup turns over.

Kikuchi with the count full, swings on a letter high pitch and drive it deep to left center! The fielders have to run back to fetch it and a bases clearing triple makes it 4-1 Tsuda Gakuen!

Miyagi can’t drive him in, but how will Fujieda Meisei answer?

5th Inning

Tokiwa singles to center. After a sac bunt, Shimizu singles to left quickly clawing back a run at 4-2.

And then in succession, no matter where Mizutani places it, the batters drive it back into open space.

Nakata reaches down and singles to left. Hattori on a high fastball singles to center though Shimizu is thrown out at home.

Kawai then lines a single to right, followed by Ichinohe to center and with 5 consecutive hits we’re all square at 4-4!!

How strange that despite Mizutani not missing badly on his pitches, he’s still given up the lead!

The bottom half of the inning though gives more surprises.

2 outs, Fujii singles to right. Then Kubota on a pitch he had no business swinging at (way up and in), he singles to left putting runners at the corners.

And then Mizutani, on the very first pitch drives a ball to right center and right in-between the fielders! Fujii comes in, Kubota comes in all the way from 1st and Tsuda Gakuen retakes the lead at 6-4!

6th Inning

Recognizing perhaps that Mizutani is vulnerable on the mound now, they send him to left and replace Ishikawa with #18 Wakabayashi who takes the hill. It’s feast or famine for the sidearmer as he hits Nishimura, then with 2 outs hits Shimizu. He plunks Nakata, but the home plate umpire deems he didn’t get out of the way. Wakabayashi almost hits him on the next pitch.

There’s more bad-ball hitting. Nakata swings on a letter high pitch and singles through the left side bringing Fujieda Meisei within 1 at 6-5. Then Hattori hits a shallow fly down the LF line, Nakajima and Mizutani collide and can’t come up with the ball! Shimizu scores and we’re tied again at 6-6!

7th Inning

Wakabayashi doing better in the 7th (doesn’t hit anyone), but Kubota has also settled down as well. It’s possible the teams are slowly moving towards enchousen.

8th Inning

But if a team was at-risk it would be Tsuda Gakuen as Wakabayashi easily on the shakier footing.

He plunks Matsumura who is quickly bunted over. A deep fly to center allows him to reach 3rd.

Another HBP for Wakabayashi as hit hits Hattori. And yet it results in no damage as Kawai flies out routinely to left. Lots of playing with fire.

Kubota meanwhile, is getting assists from his defense. Kubota rips a ball to the right side, but Matsumura makes a great stop to prevent the base hit. 1-2-3 on his end and the end of regulation is at hand. Can Wakabayashi somehow hold on?

9th Inning

Outside of a scorcher by Ichinohe lined right to Nakajima, Wakabayashi has a non-eventful top of the 9th inning, sending the ball back into Kubota’s court as he plays to extend the game.

One down Kikuchi draws a walk. Tsuda Gakuen looking for one base hit as they call for, and get the bunt.

But they’re depending on Nakabayashi, who’s 0-4 on the day.

Even still, he catches hold of one and drives it to right! Nakata has to chase back after it, continuing back.. and makes the leaping catch! Nakata saves the game and we are heading to our first enchousen game of the tournament!

10th Inning

Touchy times for Tsuda Gakuen now after that play as it can easily turn into momentum. Matsumura gets things going with a one-out single to center.

But after the throw in, Kikuchi seems to be in a bit of distress. Sagawa-kantoku goes out to him and things seem fine but just to make sure he has him take a couple of throws. He doesn’t like what he sees and has Kikuchi go off for treatment. Not too much later he comes out and the game continues.

Shimizu asked to bunt for a 2nd straight time, leaving it to Nakata, but instead after some close calls down the line, he hits a lazy fly to left.

And the infield defense from Fujieda Meisei is really assisting him here as Ichinohe makes another great stop on a hot shot from Ueshita. 2 routine outs later and we continue on underneath the lights.

11th Inning

Wakabayashi had a rough couple of innings to start, but has appeared to finally settled in, getting a clean inning and putting the pressure back on Kubota.

Mizutani looking to help his fellow pitcher out, goes paperboy again and slaps a ball through the left side for a leadoff single. Wakabayashi clearly looking for a bunt, but doesn’t seem to mind a walk either. Does lay it down, just slow enough to make a throw to 2nd out of the question and makes the putout at 1st.

Nakajima really trying to find a way on base, gets called out on strike 3 on a borderline pitch inside. 2 outs, and Fujieda Meisei decided to intentionally walk Kikuchi to get to Miyagi.

It’s over! Kubota 172nd pitch is a slider too much over the plate and Miyagi lines it to center! Tokiwa scrambles back, but it’s no use! It’s over his head and that’s the ballgame! Mizutani walks home and Tsuda Gakuen advances 7-6!!

172 pitches. Yeah, we know it’s a lot. But in kokoyakyu it’s the traditional burden the ace must bear. And in the end it, as it generally is, it can take just one pitch to change the game. Fujieda Meisei goes home, but at least they can say they fought valiantly.

Tsuda Gakuen prevails, but there’s questions to be had as Mizutani was good for 4 innings, but faltered in the 5th. Wakabayashi was shaky early and could have easily lost the game, but did just enough to keep his team alive long enough to pull out the victory. Facing Fujieda Meisei was one thing, but what about Saibi in the next round?